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People often ask me, "Rolf, what was it that made you decide to become a barber?" Upon reflecting over my past, I don't think it was the trip to my step-dad's father's barber shop in Willets that got me interested in Barbering, although it certainly planted a seed. But, really I was thinking, who was working during the Great Depression. I wanted to have a job during bad times. So that was my motive to be a Barber.

In 1965, I attended Moler Barber College in downtown Sacramento. I was drafted into the Army in 1966-68. My first week in the Army I spent in the Hospital with strep throat. I went to Basic Training at Fort Ord and did various jobs. I was a Squad Leader, Drill Corporal, Driver for Battalion Commander; was a a Cook (Baker), became a member of the Fort Ord Soldiers Chorus, and went to LPC- Leadership Preparation Coarse and Drill Sargent School. Did some part-time haircutting to some Basic Trainees until my tools where confiscated. I wasn't to cut their hair I was told. But I could cut Permanent Party Personnel.

When I was discharged from the Army in 1968, I went back to Barber College and received my Apprentice Barber License and landed my first job at the Premier Barber Shop in South Sacramento.

After serving my Summer Camp for the Army Reserve that summer, I went to work for Gary at the Capitol Towers Barber Shop in Downtown, Sacramento. The photo on the left was taken sometime between 1969 and 1971 and shows Gary in front, me right behind him and Gus working in the background.

I opened my first barber shop called, Rolf's Country Gentlemen at Valley Hi, near Mack Road and Highway 99 in 1974 and was there until 1992.

In 1994, I reopened Rolf's Country Gentlemen in Elk Grove, and was there until February 2009 when I lost my lease. As fortune would have it, I have had the opportunity to return to Gary's Capitol Tower's where I'm now located four days a week. You can check out my contact page for days and times. My heartfelt thanks go out to my many loyal customers who have followed me along my life's journey.

Some of my other interests are playing guitar, chess, genealogy, building computers, riding Harleys, and driving classic cars when I get the chance.

Come on down and see me at my new-old location. I look forward to seeing my old friends there, and making some new one as well.


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